Slouching on a Snowy Morning in Cramer Hill!

Dear Readers,

I love when it snows here in the Anthony Park homes in Cramer Hill.  I admit I’m not the one who shovels.  Heh heh. Everything looks quiet, pristine, other worldly. I don’t hear the sparrows chirping or dogs barking.  Cars aren’t revving.  Neighbors aren’t calling out to each other as they leave for work.

No kids are sliding down the hilly back driveway.  The snow is too wet.  I admit I love the silence.


Before I retired from teaching in Camden City Public Schools, I loved to have a snow day because it was a treat–a more or less unexpected vacation day.  It’s still a vacation day in retirement.  I’m not driving, I’m getting up later, I’m reading, I’m throwing in a load of laundry, I’m drinking my new tea (Bewley’s Irish Morning Tea), I’m feeling guilt-free to slouch around.

Slouch, slouch, slouch.  What fun. I remember one teacher said that a snow day was an occasion to walk around the house naked, play the Beatles and do nothing useful.  I’m not sure if she was kidding.  I’m sure she did play music though.

I thought I’d slouch a lot in retirement.  I haven’t.  Today I am sort of slouching which is still terrific.

How about you?  Are you slouching today?

Love to all my readers,

Marguerite (Wunsch) Ferra

Cramer Hill resident….back to blogging

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2 thoughts on “Slouching on a Snowy Morning in Cramer Hill!

  1. I too enjoy the snow, but I still have to drive. All the trees were coated in the clean white fluff. It really is a beautiful sight! Happy that roads weren’t icy or snow covered.

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    • The snow is beautiful. I love it. But, I don’t like to drive in it. It’s melting rapidly here in Cramer Hill. That was just enough snow for me. One morning’s worth. Thanks for your comment, Sandy!


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