7 thoughts on “A happy ending to my day

  1. Hi Marguerite, I just finished reading one of your recent blogs. And amazed that you are still living in Cramer Hill. I am sure he returned home to take care of you late mother. My belated condolences. We attended Vets and Woodrow Wilson together and graduated in the class of 68. You were always the bright and beautiful blonde who wouldn’t give me a second look. Nevertheless, I always thought the world of you. I recently retired after 42 years as a history teacher and coach. Unfortunately, my retirement hasn’t been as enjoyable as I would have liked. My wife passed away in September 2014. I have my own battle with stage four cancer since June 2013. Currently it is in remission although my vision has been severely damaged by chemo and radiation. I would love to get in contact with you.


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