Who should be celebrated on my birthday?

Dear Readers,

Today is my birthday.  I woke up and realized I was no longer sixty-seven.  I’m sixty-eight.  Officially a grown-up.  Probably a senior citizen?  Happy Birthday to me.

A friend of mine recently said that a birthday should celebrate the mother.  How can you take credit for being born? Your mom carried you and gave birth to you.  Ouch.

One year I did give my mom a card on my birthday and she loved it.  She loved cards.  She loved to receive them and to send them.  I do, too.  A funny kind of legacy.

My mother died on November 2, 2017.  She was ninety-three.  She won’t be here to celebrate.  She loved birthdays.  Especially the ice cream and cake…  Even in her last months of life when she wasn’t doing so well, she loved cake.  Me, too.  Another legacy.

She was an intelligent and feisty woman.  She managed her family, the budget and her house with a no kidding around competence. She had a soft and sentimental side that she tried to keep hidden.  However tough she could be, she was a mush on birthdays.

No matter our financial circumstances, we always had a dinner of our choice, cake and ice cream, a carefully chosen and sentimental card and the best gift possible.  We didn’t do dishes on our birthday.

We always said thank you, too.

I wonder, Mom, maybe you’re celebrating my birthday on a big cloud with Dad?

I hope you’re having a big piece of chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream with Dad.  You couldn’t eat your beloved chocolate when you got older so I hope you’re having a lot of chocolate in heaven.

I know Dad is saying, “Just a little piece of cake.”

You’re saying, “Cut me a big piece.”

Thanks, Mom, today for giving me life.  It’s been a good one so far.



***Photo         Wildwood, New Jersey










6 thoughts on “Who should be celebrated on my birthday?

    • And, I remember that you sent her one. She was so, so pleased. It’s nice to know that there are thoughtful and kind people in this world. I hope your family was not badly affected by the hurricane.


  1. Good Day,

    My wife, Kathy, grew up in Camden, NJ in the early 1960s, and we were wondering if anybody remembers The Waffle Man with the horse drawn wagon. Does anybody have a photo of him and his rig?

    Louie Schaefer


    • Hello, Louie, I apologize for not answering before this day. I think a lot of people remember The Waffle Man. I don’t know who might have a photo of him. I do remember him coming down our street in North Camden and my parents did buy the hot waffles with powdered sugar for us. A really nice memory. Best wishes to you. Thanks for your comment. Sorry, I don’t have a photo!


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