Five High Points from Snowy Cramer Hill, 2019

Dear Readers,

It’s snowy on the first day of March 2019.  Did I expect blazing sunshine, warm breezes, butterflies, tulips and daffodils?  Good thing I did not.  Did you?

My house is warm, though, and my dog is happy to spend all day with Mommy Mommy.  Yes, Finn really does call me Mommy Mommy. Dog owners, you do believe me. Two high points for the first day of March:  warm house, loving dog.

This morning I had a perfect avocado.  You fans of avocado know that doesn’t always happen.  I cut it open and the green was beautiful, not one brown speck.  It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t mushy, it was just the avocado experience you want–and enhanced with squeezes of lemon juice and squirts of Sriracha. I should have taken a photo of it.  Oh well, by the time I thought of it, I’d eaten it. Another high point for today: exquisite avocado.

When I was growing up in the 1950’s and the 1960’s, I had never seen an avocado.  Avocado wasn’t even a word in my family’s household.  I did know that it was a color, but I’d never seen an avocado. I surely didn’t know about Sriracha, but I don’t think it was invented/available for people in North Camden yet. Hmm.

Thank you, Google. I looked up this hot sauce and it was produced for mass consumption in the 1990’s. I’ve consumed many bottles of this red sauce. Look up the story about Huy Fong  Foods and Sriracha! You could learn this chili sauce probably originated in Thailand long ago and about the company who makes it.  Thank you, Thailand and Huy Fong Foods. Another high point for this morning: Sriracha.  By the way, I own no stock in this company.  What’s the matter with me?

My last high point for this morning? My cell phone.  I can lie on the bed and research Sriracha on my cell phone. It’s almost too easy. If you have lived a large part of your life pre-cell phone/pre-computers, you might acknowledge that research used to take a bit of doing.  Libraries!  You dinosaurs, you!

Happy March from Cramer Hill!


Marguerite (Wunsch) Ferra

Retired ESL Teacher, Camden resident















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