My laptop fell on my foot. An excruciating reminder to start writing.

Dear Readers,

I didn’t intend to post today, but I’m in bed, my right foot packed in ice.  While I’m resting my poor foot, I figured I’d be productive and start my blog.  Hello, readers!

Somehow my old Toshiba Satellite laptop, otherwise known as the cinder block, fell on my foot a few hours ago.  I knocked the old gal off a chair.   Don’t ask me how.   One of those mysteries of life…  It happened so fast.

Yow.  It hurts a lot.  My foot will be black and blue tomorrow or as my husband, Carlos, said, morado.  (I think that’s a purply-plum color.)

What a way to begin my life as a blogger….

I wanted to start off with something positive and exciting about my retirement, blogging, reading, writing, eating and living in Camden.  Instead, I’m writing how I’m disappointed that my favorite laptop did this to me.  Did this laptop do this to remind me to get writing?  Or, did she sense that I bought another, much lighter, and that I’m going to retire her?

I don’t know how to use the new Toshiba laptop.  But, she is light.  Her keyboard is marvelous, just like my old laptop’s keyboard.  That’s why I bought her. I’m super picky about keyboards and I love the flat, smooth, glossy keys—hard to find.  But, her Windows 8.1. had me boggled when I bought her at the end of  my last school year.  I was too pooped to figure her out and thought that I’d learn to use her after I retired.  She’s still hidden away, waiting for me to learn to use her.

If only the new laptop had fallen on my foot…


Marguerite Ferra from Cramer Hill





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