Philly Phun, My New Hat and Retirement List of Books

Dear Readers,

As difficult as it may be to leave the delightful part of Camden called Cramer Hill, I did venture out this beautiful Friday to spend the afternoon in the delightful part of Philadelphia around Rittenhouse Square Park.

Although hot and humid, there was a breeze and the breeze did not blow off my new hat.  I wore a straw hat with a black band that I bought in Target.  It not only shaded my face from the sun, it also hid my hair that was not looking its most fantabulous.  But, I think it is a good hat.  While my daughter, Kim and I, watched Wimbledon, she observed that several people in the front row seats watching Novak beat Roger were wearing the same type of hat that I have.  I wonder if they, too, shopped at Target..

My friends and I lunched at a restaurant that looked like Paris. Good food.  Good conversation.  Good ambiance.  The best part was that we paid in dollars and not in euros. I saw people staring at my hat.  They must have loved it.

We decided to find gelato and, boy, it was delicious.  I’m glad there’s no gelato cafes in Cramer Hill. I might become addicted.

Back home, I finished reading my new book, Everything I Never Told You: A Novel, by Celeste Ng. One of my retirement goals is to write down the books I am reading.  Just in case you’re interested…  The book was very good, but not exactly cheerful so I think I’ll have to reread another book that I’ve read this summer which is funny.  I love funny books.  Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Book by Janet Evanovich.

I love the Stephanie Plum books and I am proud to say that I met Janet Evanovich at the Cherry Hill Barnes & Noble a few years ago.  It wasn’t by chance.  No kidding, I waited at least four or five hours in line.  It was worth it.  Ms.Evanovich is a lovely, friendly lady.  She looked tired and I almost said, “Don’t sign.  It was good enough just to meet you,” but she picked up her pen and signed my copy of her latest Plum book, whatever one it was. I’ve read them all…

I’m reading another book that was written by a former classmate from Veterans Memorial Junior High School and Woodrow Wilson High School, Erwin Ford II.  George V. Higgins, The Life and Writings, is an impressive biography of a famous crime fiction writer.  I’ve read a bit of it and I’m happy that I’m going to learn about this popular Boston novelist.  I’m also happy that I’m reading a book written by someone I knew. 

Ha ha!  When I was in Grade Six, I thought I’d keep a list of the books that I’d read.  But, I worried that I’d already read so many, what was the use?  Now I wish that I had kept up such a list.  Brother, Sister, it would have been very long, probably a big, fat notebook.  Now, several decades later, I will keep a notebook, “Books That I Have Read in My Retirement.”   I wonder how many millions it might fetch after my death.  I hope that my heirs don’t fight over it.

Thanks for reading my post.  It would be nice if you’d like to follow me!  It’s exciting that my posts have been read in Thailand, Norway, Puerto Rico and the USA so far.  I’m new to blogging so I keep checking my statistics on WordPress.  I’m laughing because the statistics are much more fun than the statistics of Student Growth Objectives and Teachscape.  I’m having fun being retired!


Marguerite Ferra

writing from Cramer Hill







One thought on “Philly Phun, My New Hat and Retirement List of Books

  1. I love looking at the statistics. Always interesting to know who else is reading your post from around the world. 🙂


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