Hi from Hyannis, Massachusetts! Trip!

Dear Readers,


I have not been blogging since I didn’t bring my laptop on my four-day Starr Tours vacation.  I am trying desperately to make life easier and lighter and to fulfill that goal I went on this bus trip without my laptop.

Ooh.  I really miss my laptop.  I didn’t realize how attached I had become to it.

I thought that this would be a super trip—you know that a teacher (recently retired) dreams of a trip where she doesn’t have to spend most of the time looking for restrooms, eating in strange places and walking though gift shops.  The kids always had to pee, to eat and to buy some overpriced souvenir in the gift shop.

We’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, Edgartown and Provincetown and while all of them were great, we spend most of the time looking for a places to pee, to eat and to shop.

However, it’s easier just to take care of myself, not a group of students.  I only have to check if I have my own purse, bag of gifts and sweater.

By the way, I’ll be home tomorrow and my husband and our three ferocious cats are guarding the house.  Not to mention that my mom and brothers and their ferocious cat live next door and are looking out the windows to check on my house…  So, I did feel free to tell you that I was on vacation.

What kind of vacation are YOU taking this summer?


Marguerite Ferra, writing from Hyannis, Massachusetts





2 thoughts on “Hi from Hyannis, Massachusetts! Trip!

  1. i really have missed your blogs, so i’m so glad you were able to find some sort of computer.
    By the way, what did you find to do thsi blog on?


    • Hi Ginny! The hotel lobby had one desktop for the guests and I tried to use it when it was available. However, most of the time we were touring on the bus so there wasn’t much free time. I found myself missing blogging. It was nice to look at the blogs’ statistics and to see that people were reading the “old” blogs.


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