I find no sweeter fat than sticks to my own bones. Walt Whitman…. What?

Dear Readers,

I find no sweeter fat than sticks to my own bones.

Walt Whitman
What the heck is Walt talking about?  I found this quotation when looking for something noble and inspiring for tonight’s blog.  Instead, this one caught my eye and I said, “What?  What are you talking about, Walt, you old Camdenite?”
I don’t want to blog about fat, sweet or not.  But, it doesn’t seem fair that it is so easy to gain weight as we grow older.
There is so much, too much, good food available to most Americans and we find so many occasions to eat—three meals a day, of course.  And–snacks…   Then, workplace parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, New Year’s parties, Valentine’s Day parties, St. Patrick’s Day parties, Easter parties, Memorial Day barbeques, end of the school year parties, Fourth of July  barbeques, Labor Day barbeques, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving Day dinners and Christmas dinners……not to mention holiday dinners that I haven’t mentioned …and, of course, family get-togethers…. You get it. 
Then, there are all those lovely lunches with old friends.  Everything is an excuse to eat.
During my vacation in Massachusetts, we visited the famous Portuguese Bakery at 299  Commercial Street in Provincetown and I could have stopped with that scrumptious little meat pie of ground beef and sausage.  I could have stopped.  I knew it.  But, I thought, “This is VACATION.  This is a famous bakery.  Doesn’t that huge cream puff with the thick chocolate icing look yummy?”
For four dollars, I had one of the best experiences of my life.  That cream puff was worth every penny and every calorie. 
I snapped a photo of it and when I am savvy enough with the camera/computer/blog, I’ll put it on my blog and your mouth will water.  It’s worth a trip to Provincetown.  Bring your four dollars.
Now I have to get serious about super healthy living.  I don’t like the pounds that have accumulated over the years.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to keep a record of what I’m eating, a record of how much I am walking and a record of what I weigh.  And no, no, no. Never fear.  It’s not going to appear on my blog.  I don’t like people to talk about it—“You should exercise.  You should go to Weight Watchers.  You should do this or that, or this or that, or this or that.”
O-kay!  I got it.
So, I’m going to do this and that and get rid of some sweet fat, but.. I wonder if Walt Whitman just had eaten a big cream puff and was fooling himself?
Written by Marguerite Ferra of Camden, NJ, where Walt Whitman also wrote…not that I’m comparing  myself to him!  We weren’t neighbors or anything.  He came along way before my time.  But, if he was alive today, we might have shared a cream puff or two.
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