Empty spaces in my mind

Dear Readers,

      Tomorrow my former colleagues from Camden City “Public” Schools must go back to work.  On August 28th!  Couldn’t they let them go back the day after Labor Day?  I know it’s professional development, but still.  The more relieved I am that I’m retired, the more I realize why.  Teaching is a complex job and it eats up all the spaces of your brain.

     I don’t want to list all the reasons that it is complex, especially in Camden City, but, take it from me, it is.  My mind is on summer vacation mode here in Camden, New Jersey and I don’t want to go there.  Retirement has vacuumed up those big and little stresses of teaching school that took over my neurons.

     Now my mind has so many empty spaces in it.  Ooh.  That didn’t sound complimentary to my mind, did it?  But, I can fill it up!

      It’s freed up to think about so many different things…how to declutter the basement, how many more French movies are there on Netflix, how can I lose x amount more pounds by walking and giving up nasty stuff like an occasional cola or a chocolate croissant, should I get up early or sleep late and is it greedy to read more than three or four books a week?  These deep thoughts are but a few of those rattling around in my brain.

     When I wake up, I first remember to be thankful.  That’s a thought that stands strong and straight in that newly cleared space in my relieved head.

     If you remember, in my previous blog, I was whimpering that the bedroom air-conditioning broke down and it seemed miserably hot and humid in a brick row house in the city.  Good news.  We have a new one and I am thankful.  No kidding.

     I’m also thankful that I could retire and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow to go to school. 

     And, I’m thankful that my mind can enjoy the fresh air and empty spaces that retirement brings to my mind.  That’s how I can write this blog! 


Written by Marguerite Ferra, resident of Cramer Hill, who is enjoying her increased patience, creativity and joy!






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