Watching out for the police in Cramer Hill…

Dear Readers,

Not having to decide what to wear in the morning!  That was one of the top ten on my retirement bucket list.  However, I developed a new morning routine and I can’t go out the door in my cat pajamas.  The City of Camden increased the number of police and I don’t want to be locked up for walking in the park in my PJs.

By the way, there is always a patrol car or two in sight now in the part of Cramer Hill where I live.   I wondered if laying off the former police officers to make way for more new officers might have been a union-busting tactic.  I felt sorry for the men and women who lost their jobs after serving in the city and I hope that they found something better.  On the other hand, it is good to see many more police officers in the area.  I don’t know if any are Fashion Police–but can’t risk it.

With all those new officers, I just couldn’t walk in Von Neida Park dressed inappropriately.  Not because my happy felines night apparel is sexy— no, no, no.  It’s just that the park is undergoing a beautification process and the police might think that I am thwarting the progress.  I don’t want a fine.  I am a retiree on a pension, after all.

The other park walkers do not walk in PJs.  So far, I have seen female walkers in what used to be called house dresses, exercise pants, long skirts and capris. Baggy T-shirts complete the outfit for many. The men favor jeans or gym shorts, often topped with sweatshirt jackets. Everyone wears sneakers–New Balance seems to be the footwear of choice.

I used to wear a pair of long shorts that had lots of pockets for my cell and my keys.  But, cooler weather is approaching and I’m wearing my jeans. The jeans without pockets, but with that accommodating elastic waist…the ones that I will toss when I am thinner and when I buy zip up and  button up jeans with pockets.

I didn’t have enough “casual” tops for park walking.  So, I bought a BAZINGA! shirt at Target because 1.  I love the word BAZINGA!, 2.  I love the Big Bang Theory TV show and 3. I love soft T-shirts.

There were no  BAZINGA ! shirts in Carlos’ size when I bought mine in the Target men’s department.  Don’t ask what sizes we wear, but his size is smaller than mine.  This is why I’m walking in the park instead of staying in bed with my Kindle.

My daughter just gave my husband that shirt to match–she found his size– and we must wear them on the same walk and must ask someone to take our photo.  It will be our first photo in matching outfits–although he won’t have elastic waist jeans.

I am crossing off some items on that bucket list and it feels so good. No more what to wear to school teaching day!  Yay for elastic waist jeans (for the meantime, of course) and for fun shirts!

Written by Marguerite Ferra from Cramer Hill


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