Guilt and then………..

Dear Readers,

One of my first blogs burst with ambition about finishing my book….that was on July 10th.  However, July passed, August passed and so did September.  What did I accomplish on the book? Not as much as I had hoped.   Uh, very little.

I felt guilty that I was so enjoying this retirement freedom and not working on the book.    What did I accomplish?  Only feeling guilty…

Hey, you!  Come wash me,”  say the dirty towels, sheets and clothing. So many voices call your name when you are writing a book.

“Attention!” shouts my Kindle.  “There’s a new book here.  Time to read–that’s what you do best.”

 “Now, now.  Calm down, Marguerite, You are RETIRED.  You have the rest of your life to finish that book,” she whispers seductively. That particular retirement voice is a she-devil.

But, I got up today and read and reread the first chapter.   I jotted down notes.  I made decisions about what to delete, what to rewrite, what to move around.  I sent out e-mails to the people who had helped me with the information so that they would know that their help had not been in vain.

Oh!  It was great to find out that I still l am bonded to the main character and her family in the early sixties in Trenton. I got upset with the news.   Bad news–Dad is taking them away from their Trenton neighborhood, school and friends to live in Revolutionary Cuba.  Who could resist writing that book?

From the three-inch binder filled with the rough draft and notes came another voice.  “Well, HELLO!  Welcome back.  Get cracking.”

And, I did and I am in love again with the rough draft/book/whatever I call it….

Away with guilt.  Replacing it with lots of hard work…  Can’t keep doing household chores, reading and whatever else I’m doing in retirement…

Marguerite Ferra, Cramer Hill


P.S.  Mom’s 90th little birthday celebration turned out well and she enjoyed the cards, gifts and the cake.  Above all, the cake.  Kudos to Wegman’s….their cakes are Number One!

P.P.S.  I would like to plug the blog,,  and a workshop of my writer friend,

Writer Leigh MacKelvey is doing a free workshop at the Gloucester County Library ( Mullica Hill) on November 3 from 7 – 9 pm. ” Turn Your Memory into Poem or Story.”



8 thoughts on “Guilt and then………..

    • Thanks. It took a little time for my brain to clear. I’m almost appalled at some of the chapters so maybe it’s better that I’m rewriting now when my mind is working at capacity…well, the capacity of a sixty-four-year-old…
      I got myself all excited again so I think that this year is the year that much will be completed.


  1. MARGIUERITE – BRAVO!!!!! I love the voices that call to you. Seems as if now the voice of the book is stronger and louder. May it continue to get your attention. Love from your Fan Ginny


      • Hi Margarite, keep writing your book. I started writing when I was 8 years old. I graduated from Camden High School. I am from Camden, New Jersey. I wrote my first book. Poems from the Heart, by Annette Hoggs Jackson. The book is inspirational to help people. My book has won awards. I have been on television and did interviews on radio stations and book signings I hope to share my book with the World, so people can be helped. I love helping people. The book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or i grew up n Camden New Jersey wth 8 sisters and a brother from the Hoggs family of Dorothy Mosley Hoggs and Thomas Hoggs jr. Who are both deceased now. But taught me many lessons growing up in Camden New Jersey. I work in the Counseling field now to help others. Many great people have come from Camden New Jersey. Although now people have said many bad things about Camden New Jersey. But God birth some good people out of that city. So keep writing. I am working on my second book. I hope this encourages you.


      • Dear Annette, Thank you for your lovely note. It was a wonderful surprise and a big encouragement for me. I agree that God did birth some good people in Camden! I decided to buy your book on Amazon and it will arrive at my house in a few days. Thanks again. God bless you and yours. Sincerely, Marguerite Ferra


  2. I’m so glad you still love Antoinette’s story, your novel. I love it and I know others, hundreds, maybe thousands of others will also. Kay


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