If you open my blog in your e-mail, do you see a photo of me in my hat or do you see the photo of my dog, Finn?

I’m still new at blogging…but I’m thinking that if you open the blog in your e-mail, you only see me.  If you open the blog by typing in margueriteblogs.com, you see the other picture, too?  Could you let me know if that is the case?

Thanks and love,


Cramer Hill



    • If you read it by typing in margueriteblogs.com, you see the photo of the dog. I just found this out tonight. Thanks for letting me know. I have to change it somehow. At least, get a new hat. I tried on a very beautiful dark red hat this a.m., but it was one size fits all and I have a big head, seriously. The size of my skull is big. You know what I mean!


  1. Marguerite, when I OPEN your blog in my e-mail I see a picture of you in a hat and a picture of your dog looking at the heart pillow on a chair and a collection of 6 photos including Carlos. If I DO NOT open the e-mail, I just see you in a hat in which you look fantastic.


    • Ada, thanks! I have to get this blog formatting down. Thank you for letting me know how it looks on your end. You like that hat? I tried to buy a new hat for winter–a real hat–not a knit one. Unfortunately, all the hats that I liked were too small. Even if I lose weight, my head won’t shrink. How are you? Thank you for reading the blog. Is it a taste of Cramer Hill/New Jersey life for you? Whenever I pass your old street, I miss you SO MUCH. I always miss you, but when I go past Beideman, so many memories come to mind. I remember we used to walk to Dudley Grange Library and you would polish your sneakers first and look so pretty and put together. Miss you, love you always.


  2. I open your blog in email and see you and your hat….hope all is well…I enjoy reading your blog when I have time (not retired at this time but was once in the past…). Dan


    • Hi, Dan! Thanks for your reply. I need to hone my blog formatting skills. I’m glad that you read the blog when you have time. Now that’s a good story–The Man Who Unretired. I’m still in the part of retirement where I’m enjoying the freedom. However, it is weird to have so much freedom. Great to hear from you. I remember when you used to visit Shelley Price and me when we were in the cafeteria during study hall and Shelley was doing her best to tutor me in math. You always had a smile and something to tell us. Take care and keep in touch. Marguerite


  3. Hi Marguerite, On th email I see the hat, and then when I open the email I see the other photos. Actually, I like the photo of you in the hat very much, and I think the hat is great, so why worrry about changing it.? I identify your blog with that photo now, so it’s a very pleasant association for me.


    • Thanks, Ginny. I love your comments. They are so encouraging and loving…just like you. I’ll keep the hat photo for a while, I guess. Although I saw another hat that I loved, but my head was too big for it…or the hat was too small? Looking forward to writing with you on Thursday!


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