Looking for a good read? Try THE CAREGIVER by Maria Casale. And, my new hat…

Dear Readers,

I needed a new hat because Old Man Winter is paying a visit and I hope that he wears out his welcome.  If indeed, he is welcome?

I took this selfie on the Patco Speedline from Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden to 16th and Locust in Philly.  It says a lot about commuters that no one paid attention to me taking photos of myself on a train. What does it say about me?  I’m too old to embarrass myself?

Retirement is proving to be busier than anticipated, especially since we got our puppy, Finn. I guess I had forgotten how puppies need lots of time, just like little kids.  However, Finn has brought a lot of fun and love into our home. My husband, Carlos, and I are a lot of fun, too, but we were lacking certain activities in our lives–going outside every waking hour to look at sticks and leaves, tossing tennis balls and reading puppy training books.

Finn really adores my new hat, by the way.  I am NOT giving him a chance to eat it up, though.

He has been an exemplary puppy, in our opinion.  However, I am sad to report that he bit the cover of a new book that I had hoped to get autographed by the author, Maria Casale.  Now my copy of the book, THE CAREGIVER, will never be a collectible, not unless the teeth marks on the cover are coveted by a very special collector.

I lunched with Maria Casale last Sunday and we talked so much that I didn’t give her the book to sign.  I get to spend time with the author, but I go home without her autograph?  Maybe it is for the best because now I plan to order an unbitten copy from Amazon.com for Maria to sign.

I want to tell you about THE CAREGIVER, but I don’t want this blog to be a spoiler.  I want you to discover this book yourself as you read about this woman and her love of the house where she takes care of an elderly woman.  I loved the setting, Central Jersey and I loved the perfectly drawn characters who have little surprises for the reader.  Most of all, I enjoyed the beautiful language…each word seemed to be carefully  and elegantly chosen, but in the most natural way.  It’s an excellent read.  I’m always happy when I find a book that I love and this is one.

In a later blog, I will tell you about two other books that I would like to recommend, too.  But, for now, get this book, THE CAREGIVER, for yourself and enjoy a lovely time with it.  But, if you bring it over to my house in Cramer Hill, don’t , don’t, please, do not leave it near my puppy.

Marguerite Ferra, proud owner of a puppy and a new hat and the book, THE CAREGIVER, by Maria Casale


5 thoughts on “Looking for a good read? Try THE CAREGIVER by Maria Casale. And, my new hat…

  1. ahh that explains my confusion. I’m in the middle of a book by the title, the caretaker. It is so so sad that I’m thinking of stopping reading it where I am and making up my own ending. I do this and feel no guilt about it. Well that’s that. I’ve JUST decided that this is my next action. Ive invested, LIVED hours with this book and the unremitting sadnesses are getting me down. I think I will return it to the library with my own optimistic changes put in place of what may/ or probably might happen in the rest of the book. THEN I will take out the book you wrote about and find a good place for my head to dwell. The only problem with this behavior is that, later, when talking about a book or movie where I have practiced this behavior…I can’t remember when it is my endings or the authors.


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