Sharing with you in this month……

Dear Readers,

This is National Poetry Month and …boo hoo!  I love retirement, but I loved doing poetry with school kids.  Last year the kids wrote poems and the parents came in to hear the kids read them.  They snapped photos with their cells and wow…  No one can tell me bad things about Camden kids and families.

The above link will bring you to one of my favorite poems by Jose Marti.  It is as beautiful in English (almost) as it is in Spanish.  It’s about forgiveness.  Sometimes it is good to be reminded about forgiveness—at least, for me!

Many of the bilingual students memorized the poem in English and some memorized it in English and Spanish.  They stood proudly and nervously to recite it and to win a little prize.  Ooh, I miss that.  I hope they keep this poem with them always .

Hope you enjoy it and hope you forgive someone today!


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