Mother’s Day Thoughts from Cramer Hill–and thinking about the pizza, too…

Dear Readers,

It’s Mother’s Day.  Facebook is buzzing.  Happy Mother’s Day posts from children, co-workers, and friends abound. Some posts are sad–thinking of the moms who have passed or moms who no longer is able to recognize their children.

Lots of thoughts about mothers today…  I hope that your thoughts are good ones…

I still have my mom who lives next door to me in Cramer Hill.  What a woman! She is ninety, feisty, yet melting when she sees her first great-grandchild.  We’re going to take her out to lunch.  She enjoys dressing up and still loves clothing, jewelry and hats.  She’ll probably order the child’s portion of Chicken Parmigiana and will have a Bud Light.  (We asked for the beer in a small wine glass the last few festivities–a mug is too much for her now.)  Sometimes she is amazingly clear and discusses childhood friends, annuities or going to dances at Fort Dix during World War Two.  Other times she is sadly forgetful and asks if she is in her own home.  (She is.)

Today I get to go out to lunch with my daughter, Kim, too.  All the family will be having pizza for Mother’s Day. Or, cheesesteaks or stromboli or something South Jersey.

Ah, I am so happy to be Kim’s mom.  I re-posted her super hero photo because she’s super.  She’s a good sport.  Why else would she dress up like that for Halloween with the other teachers at her school and to be photographed as she starts to fly?

She’s been my heart for thirty-two years.  I cannot say all the things that I love about her because she will read this blog (maybe!) and say, “MOM!”  She’s modest.

Maybe I could sneak in one sentence.  I’m happy this Mother’s Day because my daughter is sweet, hard-working, loving, creative, kind, generous, loyal, down-to-earth, funny, athletic, and not a picky eater.

She’s smart, too, because she married a fine young man.  Good choice.  I love you, too, Lon. TWO WONDERFUL CAMDEN KIDS!

Kim will bring her baby girl, just one month old, to our luncheon at Carollo’s Pizzeria in Pennsauken. It will be Kim’s first Mother’s Day.  She’s practical.  She turned down my offer for a piece of jewelry to celebrate this day, but said that she needed batteries for one of those fancy baby seats that vibrates.  She’ll never be a selfish mommy.

Next year, I’ll teach the baby to say, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  I’m smiling, just thinking about it.

I’m blessed this Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day, Kim!  Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!  Happy Day of Appreciation to all the women who love and nurture children in any situation!


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