Remembering Rose from sewing class–Veterans Memorial Junior High School

Dear Readers,

Frankly, I hadn’t seen Rose since graduation, but I remembered her well and liked her Facebook posts–family photos, support for the police and military and funny cartoons.  We wished each other Happy Birthday on Facebook and knew each other as adults through Facebook.  Some months ago, someone put up a photo of Rose with two friends–perhaps taken during our days at Woodrow Wilson High.  What a lovely girl with a shy, sweet smile and beautiful, long-lashed eyes and she spoke with a low voice–I think that she sang as an alto in Girls Chorus in junior high.

I’m sorting through the billions of faint and assorted memories of sixty-five years and one that comes up is Rose joking in sewing class at Veterans Memorial Junior High in Cramer Hill.  There were never enough machines that worked so the girls waiting for machines would do homework, chat or play hangman.  I remember waiting with Rose and a few other girls and laughing at her jokes. We enjoyed her dry sense of humor–what we laughed about, I can’t remember.  However, I remember her as a girl greatly liked by friends.

Rest in peace, Rose.  Sincere condolences to your family and all who loved you.

Marguerite Ferra, Veterans Memorial Junior High and Woodrow Wilson High, Camden, NJ


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