Gratitude from Cramer Hill 2 & 3

Dear Readers,

Here’s some gratitude from Cramer Hill Day 2 & Day 3   Tuesday and Wednesday.  Some people post a gratitude message for every day of November, the month of Thanksgiving—

I’ve started late. Better late than never?  By the way, the photo is from September–my mom enjoyed her birthday cards.

Day 2 My mom is ninety-one and unusually clear and talkative today. I’m grateful for her clarity and cheerfulness because she’s mixed-up or a little sad sometimes. I almost dreaded coming over today because Mom has shingles and I feared it was going to be a miserable day, but she’s happy as could be.

We’re at her dining room table in Cramer Hill and she is telling me stories about her mother-in-law, my dad’s mom, Anna (Bade) Wunsch. Mom reminds me how Nana loved guests and put on a pot of coffee and cut thick slices of homemade apple pie. Mom is smiling and saying how everyone liked her mother-in-law and how Nana liked everyone. She says that Nana was a good Catholic and loved to go to Holy Name Church in North Camden.

Nana had thirteen children (my dad Number Four) and lived by the State Street Bridge in a house that reached (truly) over the river and later, they lived on Vine Street in North Camden. Her last home was a big house with marble steps that she scrubbed often—warring with the dust from the nearby Ben Franklin Bridge.

Now Mom is telling me about her sister-in-law, Vera, (Number Three of the thirteen Wunsch children.) My Aunt Vera asked my mom to visit the ladies’ section of a taproom near Broadway where “the people looked decent and upper class.” Aunt Vera had never been in a taproom and didn’t want to go by herself.   She wanted to see what it looked like. (I think she’s talking about was later called The Grill.) My aunt didn’t know what to order so they looked at a menu. My mom ended up with a Manhattan and my aunt a beer. This daring foray of two nice young ladies might have been in the 1940’s or early 1950’s, but she’s not sure.

She’s switched to talking about where she went to church, Centenary-Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church at Fifth and Cooper Streets. She says how nice the Sunday School and Bible School teachers were. She says that it was wonderful to see the sun streaming through the stained glass windows in the church.

It was a gift to have my mother so perky and clear. Can’t take these occurrences for granted!


Day 3


I’m doing Day 3 before the hours fly away as they did yesterday!

  1. I’m grateful for this sunny Cramer Hill day—no rain, no snow, no ice.
  2. I’m grateful that I get a phone call from my lovely, funny daughter every morning. I don’t take this communication for granted.
  3. I’m grateful that I have a Kindle (love my Kindle and “real” books, too) and that the latest Stephanie Plum book appeared yesterday. The books in this series are definitely light, but I enjoy the humor and the Trenton setting. The latest even mentions Camden, although not very positively.
  4. I’m grateful that my mom introduced us to books as infants and that voracious reading has been a happy part of my life.
  5. I’m grateful that I have a laptop—being able to use a computer is another happy part of my life.



Until tomorrow, dear readers,

Love from Marguerite (Wunsch) Ferra


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