Take a photo today!

Dear Readers,

This morning I looked back at photos in my laptop and thought how glad I was that I took them.  So many memories. And now it’s so “cheap”—are you old enough to remember film–black and white or color?  Taking the film to K-Mart or Ritz Camera to be developed?  Waiting for the film to be developed?  Gnashing teeth over the photos that were blurred? People who shut their eyes? People with no heads?

When I retired, I imagined myself taking tons of photos with, NOT MY CELL PHONE, but a real camera.  I’d take photos of trees, flowers, rivers and birds.  Perhaps a few quirky photos.

However, most of the photos I’ve taken lately are people or pet photos…family blowing out birthday candles, granddaughter smiling, more of my granddaughter smiling, my dog sleeping, my cats sleeping…

The photo that I put up today is from a few years ago –trees in snow at Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia, taken from a window of a restaurant across the street.  It is a tree photo, but still reminds me of the grilled salmon lunch with a good friend, a poet, Kay.

I’m smiling. Even my most generic photos have a story.

The moral of this tale is take a photo today!  Make a memory!

Love to all my readers, especially those who lived or live in Camden…but I love all you others, too…

Marguerite (Wunsch) Ferra, Cramer Hill









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