Dancing with Da

Dear Readers,

September.  I’m not headed back to the classroom.  Retired.  Forgive my smirk.  I’m dancing with Nora and Da.

Nora is my almost seventeen-month-old granddaughter and she is addicted to the YouTube video of kids doing the Mexican Hat Dance. We dance it several times when I visit and sometimes the music runs through my mind after I am home and about to go to sleep.

However, it’s not merely Nora and I dancing in the living room.  Usually Da and some friends, Ted the Teddy Bear or Clifford the Big Red Dog, dance with us.  Da is the Number One doll of Nora and she doesn’t mind that Nora shortened her name from Diana to Da.  It might be the doll’s stage name one day?

 My husband wanted Nora to be named Diana, but he didn’t get his wish so we named the favorite doll, Diana. Life is full of compromises

Lately, Da, Ted and Clifford seem tired of the Mexican Hat Dance so I bow gratefully to their requests and we also watch little kids in Ireland dance in competitions on YouTube.  When we tire of that, we watch two children about six years old salsa in an international competition.  Nora stands there and moves ever so slightly, her eyes intent on the dancers.

I’m relishing her joy in dancing and I’m squeezing every bit of fun out of this time before she realizes that her grandmother really can’t dance.


Love to all my readers,

Marguerite (Wunsch) Ferra, Cramer Hill

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4 thoughts on “Dancing with Da

  1. Always enjoy reading your “Life Updates”. It is like a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning.. From 115 Penn St. and Puerto Rico: Saludos from 115 Penn St. and Puerto Rico.

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