Who was YOUR favorite teacher?

Dear Readers,

I’m writing this Sunday night, but somehow the WordPress has me on a different time and I don’t know how to fix it.    It seems like yesterday that I was struggling to use a mouse and to cut and paste.  No, it wasn’t really YESTERDAY.  I love technology, but I wish that it could slow down for a few years so I could catch up.

One reason that I love technology is that it has produced Facebook and that many former students have gotten in touch with me.  It is the coolest feeling in the world to know that kids from 1972 still remember me and tell me that I was a good teacher…although I don’t think that was true.  I was only eight or ten years older than most of them…  But, how lovely to be remembered so generously… Some of their favorite memories were the day that the priest brought his huge dog into my classroom and the dog pooped on the floor, the day that we went to Philadelphia via a public bus, visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and ate Chinese food in Chinatown and the day we sailed around the NYC Harbor–I was not the captain, luckily! 

Today I heard from another former student who was a pleasure to teach…he loved to study and organized study groups in the fifth grade.  He went back to his country and we were sad.  Our loss, Mexico’s gain.  Thanks, Facebook, for making this little reunion possible.

I guess you always remember your teachers.  Who was a teacher that you could never forget and why?


Marguerite Ferra

Writing from Cramer Hill


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3 thoughts on “Who was YOUR favorite teacher?

  1. My favorite teacher has to be my ESL teacher. She taught me english when I first came to America and she was nice enough to bring me to her house so I could play my first Nintendo.


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