A Camden girl’s day of guilty pleasures…I am a girl in my heart.

Dear Readers,

I vowed that if I could retire that I would spend every minute doing something useful—decluttering closets, planting a garden, making all the recipes that I admired in the New York Times magazines but were too tired/lazy to try.  To complete all the projects on my list might take me a year if I worked steadily and did not indulge in guilty pleasures.

What did I do today?  I  read in bed.  I lunched, long and leisurely, with a lovely high school friend.  We celebrated my retirement at the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, I did have a piece of chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream for dessert.  We talked…a lot.  Shelley and I traded stories about how it felt to be a teacher, a retired person, a wife, a mom, a person who should resist chocolate fudge cake. 

Shelley was my Algebra II tutor at Woodrow Wilson High School.  Through no fault of my tutor, I did not ever understand math once it got abstract.  Shelley was not deterred by this experience and she went on to become a math teacher.  She even remained my friend for forty-seven years and stayed the same–funny, down to earth, kind, smart and honest.  Thanks, Shelley, for the tutoring, the lunch and the friendship.   

After lunch, I went to Barnes & Noble, strolled around and treated myself to a few books.  Ah..real books are a guilty pleasure right up there with chocolate fudge cake.  Books–real books–not books on my Kindle, are a treat.

To continue my day in the same nonproductive but delicious manner, I took a nap in my air-conditioned bedroom with Reina, my little cat.  I ignored chores calling my name.

And…if that was not enough, my husband and I went to a birthday party and for the first time, I ate mole poblano—tender, delicious chicken with mole sauce.  Wow.  I did have a piece of Kahlua chocolate and vanilla birthday cake.  Double wow.

We drove home fifteen miles in that thunderous rain in the dark.  Triple wow–but not a good wow–unless you count that we got home safely.  That probably is a triple wow.  I was scared.

Now I just can’t keep up a steady stream of guilty pleasures.  I’m going to tackle some of the projects that I promised myself to do.  But, it was a super day.  Hope you had one, too.


Marguerite Ferra

Writing from Cramer Hill


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5 thoughts on “A Camden girl’s day of guilty pleasures…I am a girl in my heart.

  1. So glad to have you be a part of my guilty pleasure also… thanks for coming out last night… it was a treat to have you and Carlos there!

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    • It sounds like you had a fabulous day, and I’m very happy for you that you did. You took care of yourself and babied yourself the way that you so frequently do your friends. Enjoy, and keep writing…..


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