Detours and delays in South Jersey!

Dear Readers,

Does it seem to you that everywhere you go in South Jersey this summer that there are detours?  That drives me crazy.

I never saw so many streets dug up in all my life.  Whenever I see those orange and white striped barriers, I feel upset because I’m thinking where the heck will I end up when I take the detour? 

Getting lost is not my cup of tea, especially if I find myself forced to get onto a highway where I don’t know where I’m going.  Does this bother you? Or, am I a big wuss?  Okay, I know I’m a wuss.

I left in plenty of time to be at my daughter’s house at ten a.m., but from Camden to Cherry Hill, I had to drive around and around and around to get there because of two detours.

Then, to make my short trip longer, there was a procession of funeral cars on Maple Avenue.  However, I do sit patiently and respectfully during this type of delay and I’m grateful that I’m not in the car as a deceased person and that I’m not a mourner.  Reality check.  The extra five or ten minutes are fine with me because I’m waiting in my air-conditioned Camry with the radio on and about to see my Kim.

By the time I had reached my daughter’s house and had seen her beautiful smiling self come out of her house, I had decided that the morning’s delays were a lesson in life.  We’re always going to have detours and delays in life.  But, how wonderful if you reach your destination safely… and I did.


2 thoughts on “Detours and delays in South Jersey!

  1. so it is more than a little upsetting to be caught in these detours…but I keep thinking… DID I JUST not to notice them in my NON- RETIRED days or what?


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