A close to perfect day of relaxation in Camden

Dear Readers,

Did you ever let yourself have a guilt-free day of relaxation?  Aw, the heck with the laundry?  Aw, the heck with cleaning the basement?  Aw, the heck with driving in the rain to food shop?

I permitted myself quite the lazy day.  My husband and I took our walk around the track in Von Neida Park across from the playground and we noted that we were the sixth and seventh walkers.  We stepped up the pace today, but we were outdone by others power walking and by one woman who was walking backward around the track.

The air proved to be unusually cool.  Strong breezes rushed between my fingers as I walked and I thought what an odd and pleasant sensation that was. 

We returned via Lincoln Avenue which is parallel to our street and admired the front yard gardens of our neighbors–roses, bushes, ornamental grass, trees, little statues and rock arrangements. I asked my husband to get ideas for next year for our front yard.  Our yard décor is called plain grass.  He looked enthusiastic.  Not.

I kept thinking that it was going to rain any minute—because I stupidly believe weather reports–but, we got home without getting wet.

My old way of thinking, I MUST BE PRODUCTIVE EVERY DAY! slid away when it started to rain.  It’s a rainy day.  Aren’t they supposed to be somewhat lazy?

I did make to-do lists–for me and  for my husband.  I wouldn’t want him to feel left out.  I read my e-mails and checked Facebook. I sorted a bit of laundry. I talked to my daughter on the phone.

Then, it was time to become productive.  How about brushing up on my French again?  I watched three movies on Netflix–one about a French banker who becomes a CEO, the next about a cleaning woman who becomes obsessed with chess and the last about another CEO who falls in love with a ceramic artist. Perhaps I picked up a bit of current French slang and I noted that the French seem to be as obsessed with cell phones and electronic devices as we are.  Productive day, ne-c’est-pas?

It’s still raining and I’m glad to have had a perfect and purely lazy day.

Hope you had one, too?

Written by Marguerite Ferra…Camden, NJ…who will be PRODUCTIVE tomorrow!!!




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