Madame Curie in the morning in Camden?

Dear Readers,

How many people are lying in bed on a Saturday morning with a kid’s biography about Madame Marie  Curie?  Let me know if you did that this morning, please. I bought that book for a pre-teen, but wow!  What a story!  I berated myself for never learning about this incredible Polish woman until now and I’m …  age sixty-four.  There are so many good books to read still.

I read books before I give them to kids–are they too hard?  Too easy?  Maybe not appropriate for the age of the reader?  And… I have to admit that many books for young people are darn interesting. Did you know that rich people used radium water as mouthwash until jaws started to rot?  That radium was put in lipsticks and suppositories?

I saw a Facebook post that encouraged people to read MORE in 2015.  I didn’t clasp that advice to my bosom.  I was thinking that perhaps I should read LESS.  What should be my resolution?  Read less?  Write more?  Exercise more?  Renovate the basement?  Cook more?

My friend and fellow blogger, Maria Casale, at Bookworm Rrriot, tells us about her writing resolutions in her latest blog.  In other blogs, she has recommended books to read.  I am now reading some of them, including her recent book, The Caregiver.  What I want to say is this–please…if I read all the books that I want, I’ll never eat, sleep, write, renovate, cook or exercise, especially never exercise.

Now I have friends and family publishing books–I’ll never stop reading. Well, I wouldn’t, no matter what.

Here are four of the most recent.  You can find them on Amazon.  The Navarre Brotherhood  by Tammy Wunsch, first cousin;    Dark Orchids by Zana Etter, high school, college and former co-worker friend;   With Light Steam by Bryon MacWilliams, writer friend; The Caregiver, Maria Casale, writer friend.  Others to follow…

Ha ha!  People are often afraid of Camden City and its residents.  They don’t know that some of us are reading about Madame Curie and are wondering if we read TOO much.  We are not dangerous…armed only with books.

I’ll say HAPPY NEW YEAR and BYE FOR NOW.  I need to get ready for a wedding and when I put on some lipstick, I’ll be happy that it is radium free.

Marguerite Ferra, Camden


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