Readers…help out again? Two seconds? And some thoughts about great kids…

Dear Readers,
Thanks a million to everyone who clicked on the above link and …..Could you click again and vote again?  It is permitted.  If you vote for ISAAC DESTIN, he will be the basketball player in Camden County that you would want to take the last shot.  It’s a fun honor and he deserves it.  Please click as many times as you can.  It would be super if Isaac Destin (Collingwood)  won!
Yesterday was Isaac’s birthday.  He’s a tall young man, but I remember him as a little boy with huge eyes, sitting with us in church.  And, I do remember him past that, too!
Getting older is not great fun every day, but one wonderful part of getting older is to know that the little kids that you knew are growing up to be good young men and women.  I can’t even remember how many kids I’ve known or taught over the years…perhaps close to eight hundred to a thousand?
Isaac’s family came to the city of Camden from Haiti and his parents came to my adult ESL class long ago.  I met and fell in love with the Destin kids.   They joined my church.  They later moved out of Camden.  The children joined the GLEAM program that I ran at church for more than a decade of Saturdays.  Lots of happy memories….trips, lessons, crafts, music and basketball in the school gym of Martin Luther Christian School.
It’s very late, but I just couldn’t sleep without asking you to cast more votes for Isaac Destin.
Until tomorrow….
Marguerite Ferra


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