Seven negative things you don’t know about me

Dedicated to Jane G. Moore–a person who is NOT negative–a great person, in fact!

Dear Reader,

Some Facebook members are posting–“I challenge you to post seven things about yourself.”  Wouldn’t it be easy to post seven positive things about yourself?   But, the challenge would be to post seven negative things.

Ah, the bravery to expose yourself.  Here I go.

1.  I don’t like loud music. Totally negative about it.  Can’t enjoy life in a row home with neighbors whose volume choices differ than mine.  Not to mention choice of music.  Ack.  I hate rap.

2.  I am against any and all potholes.  Can’t say a positive thing about them, although I have seen birds here in Camden bathe in them.

3.   I violently and bitterly oppose all food in the world that is fattening or not healthy.  Can’t have more than a teeny-weeny slice of my daughter’s birthday cake this weekend because it will blow my “dedication” to the Weight Watchers’ online plan–and it’s only my fifth day–grump, grump, grumpity-grump.  Could this healthy change in lifestyle be inspiring this list?

4.  I never got a Master’s degree and now that I have the time?   Can’t get the energy, motivation or money to do it  (need all of these at the same time!) so I must remain a Bachelor.  (of Arts…)  Have to count on books (including Facebook) to keep me marginally litterit.

5.  I have an adorable puppy, but I get negative vibes about canine poop.  Can’t say that I feel positive when I scoop it up, although it would be worse if he was constipated?  Just don’t like doggy-doo.

6.  I never wear pretty shoes because my character is so weak that I refuse to suffer for beautiful feet.  Can’t stand those high heels or tight toes.  Going to wear sneakers, flip-flops and sneakers for the rest of my days–gee, that thought is making me feel positive–yay, retirement.

7.   NEGATIVE ABOUT FOOTBALL.  I do not like football.  Really?  People running into each other, hurting each other? When it’s Super Bowl Sunday, people rush to the game (if they can) or to their TVs.  I rush to a bookstore which will be curiously uncrowded.  I can get a primo seat in the bookstore café for once without knocking another patron to the floor.


AND———please read on…help me out….

On a positive note, thanks to all who are voting for Isaac Destin, Collingswood, as the basketball player who you would like to take the last shot of the game.  Isaac deserves to win, but he is in second place.  Please keep voting.  It is permitted to vote as many times as you wish.  PLEASE HELP..  Two seconds to click!  THANKS A BILLION!


2 thoughts on “Seven negative things you don’t know about me

  1. I’d be more worried if you liked potholes and dog poop! I agree with 1 and 7. Somebody–Noel Streatfeild, I’m thinking, wrote that listening to music you don’t like is like having to eat food you don’t like. #6 is just good sense (and I go one further–never, ever again will I wear pantyhose!). But #3 is just plain weird! 🙂


    • Pantyhose=============why the heck did we ever wear them? They should be outlawed after a decade of men being forced to wear them with short skirts. So…the men can understand how women have suffered.


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