Hey, thanks to all who voted for Isaac!

Dear Readers,

So many of you let me know that you voted for Isaac Destin to take the last shot in the last basketball game in Camden County!  Thanks.  It was fun to show Isaac that he has a lot of fans….

Regretfully, another young man came in first, but Isaac came in second.  Still cool.

I know Isaac’s older brothers and sisters more than I know him—I know the older “kids” from their family when they first came to Camden from Haiti–more than twenty or twenty-five years ago???, from Cramer School in East Camden, from Martin Luther Chapel in Pennsauken and from the former Saturday GLEAM program at Martin Luther Chapel.  So–I knew them very well and we still communicate by Facebook–and their travels all over the world!

Isaac attended GLEAM, too, and played basketball in the church school’s gym.  He often sat in the church pew in front of me and looked at me with his big brown eyes—good-looking—like his siblings!  A beautiful, loving family…!

I enjoyed trying to get my blog readers to vote for Isaac and how pleased I was that you did.  Thank you.  You are good people.




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