Best day of the year! Happy Birthday, Kim!

Dear Readers,

Are you wondering why today is my favorite day of the year? Is it my birthday? No. No. No.

Is it the day that I retired? No. (Been there, done that)

Is it my daughter’s birthday? YESSSSSSSSSSS! She’s been extraordinaire even as a little girl. Let me treat you to a few of my memories—At six months, she sat on a little rug near the sofa and pulled herself up, held on to the sofa and walked to the end of the sofa where I was talking on the phone next to the dog. (She wanted the dog.)   She asked me why did God make His only child a boy, not a girl?—age three.

She’s always been funny, charming, hardworking, athletic, Sdown to earth and kind. I don’t know how a bookwormy wuss like me had this wonderful daughter.   She’s SUPERDAUGHTER!

Happy Birthday, dearest Kim! I love you. You are my heart.

From your mom who knows she was blessed……


6 thoughts on “Best day of the year! Happy Birthday, Kim!

  1. I really like love letters. And love letters between a mom and her daughter are especially great. Aren’t we lucky? hummm I think I need to write some letters.

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  2. I remember Kim as a cute girl who loved to read the Baysitters Club books! She is so smart and also a very kind person and loving daughter. You did a wonderful job helping her become the accomplished woman she is today. Be proud. I hope she enjoyed her special day as much as her mother did! Zana

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