Sixty-five! Still alive! Happy Birthday to me! Yay!

Dear Readers,

The GEICO gecko sent me birthday greetings before anyone else did—I didn’t even know he knew me. I have a sneaky suspicion that he is trying to curry favor with me and get me to leave Allstate.

Here I am in Cramer Hill, surprise, surprise, at sixty-five! When I moved back to Cramer Hill in 1983, I intended to stay a year or two. Still here and celebrating my birthday today…

Sixty-five! As I told one of my friends, I feel like an adolescent with a sixty-five year old body.

Not complaining about the age of the body. I made it this far!

Filled with gratitude for today! Thankful for great memories! Looking forward to making many more good memories!

Thank you, God, for everything, especially Your love. Thanks for my mom, my brothers, my daughter, my husband, my son-in-law and his family, my godchildren,  friends, my former students, my dog, my cats,  my GLEAM kids, health, retirement, books, music, Facebook posts, hot tea with lemon, blog readers, dark chocolate, movies, writing groups, my car, jokes, future granddaughter babysitting days and the sun that shines through my blinds to wake me up every morning.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to my dear husband, Carlos, whose birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday to us!

Hooray for today! Hooray for life! Hip, hip, hooray!


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