My first baby shower as grandmother

Dear Readers,

Who ordered yesterday’s cold, snow and ice?  Not me.  I’d scheduled March first for my daughter’s baby shower.  Hey…it is difficult enough to have a baby shower without bad weather.  I wanted to invite a few hundred people…all the people we know, but that was not feasible.  1.  Kim doesn’t like to be overwhelmed.  She’s tough, but shy.  2.  There wasn’t enough space in the house.  3.  I just couldn’t bear to write on a few hundred pink tennis balls.

Happily, about twenty-five people made it to the shower in spite of icy roads.  We played three games–the first, “What Do You Know About Kim?” and many people said that they liked knowing that Kim and her husband met when they were eight and what Lon first liked about her was that she could run really fast.  The second game was to guess the price of five items, sort of “The Price Is Right.”  I did stink at that game–haven’t bought baby wipes or diapers for a long time.  The last game demanded that people write suggested baby names and so far, Kim has rejected them, especially Bernice and Hildegaard.

Then, we proceeded to nourish our bodies with healthy foods–homemade cream puffs, homemade personalized cookies, cake, potato salad, fried rice, hoagie slices and salad.  Salad.  Of course, we had a big green salad, in spite of all those leafy calories.

Kim’s third-grader niece, Gina, helped Kim open gifts so that the guests could leave before the roads got worse.  Oh, the darling baby outfits and bibs!  The many big and little things that new mommies will need!  How thoughtful and generous were all the guests.

People asked me what name the baby will call me.  Grandmom?  No.  I have a few other names in mind.  Let’s see.

Guests put on their coats and left with hugs and good wishes and the baby shower favor–a pink tennis ball personalized with a Sharpie by yours truly.

A happy time!


5 thoughts on “My first baby shower as grandmother

  1. You need a game to guess what the baby will call you. My kids called my mother Nana. My grandkids call me Grandmother(too formal but that was my choice). My daughter’s grandchildren call her Grandmom. What are the choices in Viet Namese?


  2. I’m so sorry to have missed the shower – I can’t wait to see Kim – bet she’s beautiful with her baby bump. That baby is a lucky little girl to be born into the family – with Lon and Kim as Parents, and you and Carlos as grandparents – along with Lon’s
    Mom and Dad – a whole lot of love….


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