Good news day!

Dear Readers,

I have two pieces of good news.  I stopped for lunch at my favorite local pizza/restaurant Carollo’s at Route 130 and Cove Road in Pennsauken.  One of the servers thanked me for a bag of clothing that I had given her some weeks ago and said that the folks at a Camden shelter were happy to get it.  I said that I was happy to clear out my closet.  Then, I remembered that I had another bag for her in my trunk.  I stood up and then, a woman in a nearby booth stood up.

“I have a bag of nice used men’s pants and jeans that you could have,” she said.

In less than two minutes, Shannon put my former teaching clothing and the men’s pants and jeans in her trunk.  All three of us smiled that we’d been able to do a little bit of good.  Good news that there are good people to be found everywhere…

My second piece of news?  Much more dramatic…   I didn’t get blown up.  Honestly.

I came in the house and smelled gas.  PSEG sent out a worker immediately.  He called another man and he came right away.  Three little leaks that could have been quite dangerous.  They took care of it right away.  What good news!

The little bit of “bad” news is that I need to replace my 1961 oven and stove.  It’s not the worst news in the world.

However, thanks to some great people who made my day—Shannon who takes clothing to the shelter, the anonymous woman in the restaurant and the two knowledgeable and polite PSEG employees.


2 thoughts on “Good news day!

  1. Judging by the news yesterday, I’m very grateful that you smelled the gas in your house and got PSE&G in there right away. PHEW!!! Love from Ginny      


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