Wild geese in Von Neida Park, Cramer Hill

Dear Readers,

Don’t think that my life is exciting ALL the time–baby shower for first grandchild, gas leaks caught in the nick of time or good people jumping up to give clothing to the homeless….

No, today was an ordinary day in the life of this Cramer Hill woman.  After early morning food shopping, I walked next door to have toast, coffee and a clementine with my mom.  Mom, ninety years old, read the Courier-Post, and I played on my computer. The afternoon did get more exciting because we shared a Tastykake Krimpet….butterscotch…Tastykakes, one of the perks of living in this part of the USA.

Then, I went home to take Finn, our puppy, for a walk to his favorite place, Von Neida Park, in Cramer Hill, down the block.   Finn sniffed around and I thought that I’d like to take photos with my cell.  I asked Finn to sit and he did on the damp sidewalk, although for just a moment!

I was quick and I took a pic of the geese enjoying themselves in the park.

Seeing these wild geese made me remember when my husband, Carlos, first came to the USA more than ten years ago.  We ate at the Lobster Trap located in Cooper River Park and then went outside to enjoy the early fall evening.

Carlos drew in a sharp breath.

“Call the police.  Someone has lost his geese.  Maybe those people,” he nodded toward a family fishing on the river banks, “will get them.”


After a short talk, I found out that in Cuba those geese would have been snatched up for dinner by very hungry people.  It took my husband a long time to realize that few people in America were that hungry.

These Cramer Hill geese remained in the park peacefully, just as the Cooper River Park did. Even Finn didn’t blink an eye.  Too busy sniffing.

Hope your day has been as peaceful.


3 thoughts on “Wild geese in Von Neida Park, Cramer Hill

    • We are so blessed when we consider how many people go hungry, go cold, go homeless… Funny how the geese in the park reminded of Carlos’ shocked reaction of the flock of geese wandering around Cooper River Park and how he said that they would have disappeared so quickly because people were hungry and didn’t have enough food, especially meat. Thanks, Ginny, for your comments, as always. Love.


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