What could be more precious?

Dear Readers,

I’m back.  Been busy.  Why?  My daughter and son-in-law had a baby girl, Nora Anne.

What could be more precious?  I’m still overwhelmed with joy to be a grandmother, overwhelmed with thankfulness that mom and baby are fine and overwhelmed with wonder that life can be so good.

All babies are cute, precious and gifts from God.  Miracles.  But, it’s hard to believe until you really have your very own grandchild.  Wow.  I still can’t believe it.

Since this is a blog with lots of Camden stories, I’ll tell you a little one.  My daughter grew up here in Camden (Cramer Hill) until she married and deserted CMD for CH–Cherry Hill.  My son-in-law came to East Camden from South Vietnam when he was about eight and lived there just a mile away from us until he deserted CMD for CH!

Two nice kids from Camden.  One graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the other from Rutgers University.  One is a teacher and the other works for corporate America.  Both love their families.  Both are avid athletes.  They have great friends. Down-to-earth, kind and funny…

They’re both private people so I dare not say more.  I’m in love with Nora Anne, my first grandchild and I love her mommy and daddy, too.  Nora Anne might not grow up in Camden, but she’ll have her parents’ and family roots from Camden.

I’ll be back soon, but I have to go kiss my precious granddaughter and bring the parents’ lunch.

Lots of wonderful people grow up in Camden


4 thoughts on “What could be more precious?

  1. Dear Marguerite, the fact that you grew up in Camden, is enough for me. Nora Anne has a great place to grow up, simply by virtue of the fact that she has such great family: Kim and Lon, You and Carlos and Lon’s Mom and Dad.
    Bless you all….

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    • Thanks, Ginny, for your kind comment. You make me glad that I write a blog. Sometimes I wonder who is reading the blog and what is she/he thinking about it. Thank you for your encouraging comments!


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