Our boy, Finn A happy dog in Cramer Hill

Dear Readers,

I hate to read the news. World, national or local.  But, I read it.  Most of it is sad.  Earthquakes, riots, murders.

Reading about these events makes me think how blessed I am.  However, I do realize that who knows what life holds…  Who’s to say that I won’t be a victim today of Mother Nature, political events or crime?  Ack.

So, I skim some articles and turn off the TV when the news tells the same sad stories over and over..  I long for some good news or something funny.

I turn to the parts in my own life that are happy or funny and I think of my dog, Finn.  He’s not quite a year old.  He’s still working on manners and not pestering the cats.  However, he infuses energy and fun into our staid lives.  Less energy might be acceptable, but he’s a young lad…  We accept his bounding energy and perhaps envy it.

Yesterday my brother, Ken, was cutting down dead branches from the tree in front of our Cramer Hill home.  When I watched Finn see that huge pile of potential toys (sticks), he quivered with joy.  He found a good one, long and thick, and carried it around on our walk around the block.  I had to laugh at his pride in his good fortune.

Finn was one of the rescue dogs of All They Need Is Love and came from the island of Sint Maarten.  I don’t know if he is grateful, but he sure is happy.

I wish everyone in the world could be as fortunate–his very own loving (doting?) family, cat siblings, special food and treats, two dog beds and accessibility to human beds, PetSmart toys and good surprises–like the pile of sticks.

Finn is a bit of good news in Camden.  A little bit, but nice.


2 thoughts on “Our boy, Finn A happy dog in Cramer Hill

  1. It’s interesting to see something on Finn, when all the news has been about Nora Anne. How wonderful for you to look at your own life, you and Carlos and Finn, and to ease up the pressure on the new little girl.
    You have wonderful instincts Marguerite, and I’m so glad to be your friend.
    Love from Ginny

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