First spring of retirement, my granddaughter and do you want to write, too?

Dear Readers,

Oops, I almost wrote “Dear Retirement,”—seriously.  I guess that’s what is on my mind this cold spring day in Cramer Hill.

It’s my first spring as a retiree.  How very, very, very nice to miss all the frantic school teacher spring of testing, testing and more testing and paperwork, paperwork and more  paperwork.  I do miss the kids, but…

Perhaps retirement will become old hat to me next year.  But, so far, it’s a year of “firsts”—first fall of getting up late, first winter of not driving to work in the snow, first spring of not dreading all the testing in the school.  Can you guess that I feel that all the testing is excessive?


The best first is my granddaughter.  Yesterday she took her first trip to Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Cherry Hill, an establishment that has been kept going financially because of my support.  (Kidding, almost.) Little Nora enjoyed being pushed around the aisles of books by her mom while I enjoyed looking at the books and buying a few.  My favorite one that I bought?  Memoir Writing for Dummies.

No, I don’t know the author, Ryan G. Van Cleave…  It’s just a good book and it’s NOT for dummies.  How can you be a dummy if you want to learn how to do something?  How can you be a dummy if you want to write?  How can you be a dummy if you write?


By the way, dear readers, I facilitate a writing workshop, Woodland Writers, and I have openings.  We have a friendly, generous and interesting group of people.  Look up my website:   Let me know if you are interested.  We have all levels of writing experience and every one’s efforts are valued and appreciated. You would be welcomed!

Haven’t you thought about writing about your grandmother, your trip to the Grand Canyon, your bunion operation, your best friend who lives on Mars or your childhood in Camden?  Or, your childhood anywhere?  Childhood stories are great.

Speaking of firsts, the first time I joined a writing workshop, I was terrified, but figured that I could only improve and I did.  I enjoyed it so much that it became one of the best parts of my life.  I learned that there was nothing to fear, especially in a group that uses the Amherst Writers & Artists philosophy that supports and encourages writers.  No terror involved!  Woodland Writers uses this method of workshop writing and it provides a comfortable experience for all.


So–I’m going to put on some socks  (brr!  and this is May?)  and go to see my granddaughter.  It’s a fine day here in Cramer Hill and it’s especially fine because it’s my first spring of retirement.  Can you believe that I worried that I might be bored?  Ha ha.  Not for a minute.


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