One of those Camden days that I’ll never forget!

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I burst with pride when Frantz Lozier received his diploma at Rutgers Camden, my alma mater.  I met Frantz when he came to “the refugee office” at Catholic Community Services about twenty years ago and he was only five.  I asked if I could take Frantz and his friend, Souvenir, to lunch and we bonded over hoagies.  They spoke Haitian Creole and I spoke a bit of French and we managed happily.

It’s been a blessing that I have been able to follow the lives of many of my students and to share in their success stories.

How wonderful that Marc Henry Monace, another childhood friend of Frantz, drove from North Carolina to witness his friend’s graduation!  Marc Henry and Frantz drove me back to my daughter’s home to say hello. The three of them , Kim, Frantz and Marc Henry, had spent many years together in church and in the GLEAM program.  They admired my granddaughter and regretted having to leave before their old friend, Kim’s husband,  Lon, got back from work.

Ah, to be with the kids that you love!  All grown-up and doing well!  Cheers to Camden kids.


One thought on “One of those Camden days that I’ll never forget!

  1. What a wonderful event to cherish! You have touched so many lives with the Gleam program you started? I’m so proud to be your friend! A fellow graduate of RUCCAS!
    Zana brick should be visibleon walk of new Alumni house.

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