Birthday surprise

Dear Readers,

Okay, okay.  I turned sixty-six yesterday.  I didn’t want a party or a trip to Fiji.  (I’m lying about not wanting a trip to Fiji.)  Nor the ticker tape parades down River Road in Cramer Hill for my birthday as in previous years.  Joking.

Hey–did you ever see ticker tape?  I saw stock market ticker tape coming out of a machine as a kid in the fifties.  The paper pooled on the floor at a bank on Market Street in downtown Camden while my mom stood in line. No one came to look at it and I dared not touch it.  Would someone come to scoop it up and save it for parades?

However, I couldn’t turn down a  quick shopping trip with my daughter.  A birthday can’t be TOO laid back.  Girls of sixty-six just wanna have fun…at least, a little on a birthday….ha ha…thanks, Cindy Lauper.  Proud I remembered your name, Cindy.

As my daughter and I approached the exit of Target’s Cherry Hill store yesterday laden with bags that included my purchases, a humidifier (I’m turning into a piece of dried fruit lately) , two pairs of new gloves (I always lose them) and two pairs of new socks (my dog always chews them), I noticed people swiveling from  cellphones to the parking lot. One woman held out her cell to me and said, “Cherry Hill. Sunny, Windy, 29 degrees.”

Outside snow fell furiously and covered the cars and parking lot.  Not a ray of sunshine. What?  Customers turned to each other and said, “It’s not supposed to snow NOW.”   We felt betrayed by weather aps.

We got into the car and I said, “That was a birthday surprise.”  And, I thought, “Just as the fact that I’m sixty-six today.”

The snow disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.  Maybe a five-minute celebration of the anniversary of my birth.  You never know what you’ll get for your birthday.

Yesterday’s gone.  Today I’m used to being sixty-six.  It feels pretty good.

Love to all my readers,

Marguerite Ferra, Cramer Hill resident

PS  Thanks for all the Facebook birthday greetings.  I felt so loved and I am so blessed.






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